Agave Wash Cloth w/Soap

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Thurlby Farm soaps are handcrafted using age-old traditional methods in Western Australia. Their commitment to purity and sustainability drives them to use only natural and eco-friendly materials, ensuring that each bar of soap is a testament to nature's goodness.

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Treat yourself to the finest natural fibre washcloth ever produced! Since the time of the Aztecs agave washcloths have been hand woven from the agave plant. These cloths are long lasting, quick drying and resistant to mold. Agave cloth is an excellent exfoliater, gently stimulating and smoothing the skin.The combination of this agave cloth and our super creamy handmade soap gives a wonderful bathing experience. Our agave cloths are sourced from a Mexican non-profit organisation that guarantees the artisans are paid fairly for their work.

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Tucked away in the Southern forests of Western Australia, Thurlby Herb Farm grows herbs and manufactures soap for exclusive handmade products. The goal of Thurlby is simple, to make fine quality botantically based products, that the Thurlby team would like to use themselves. Their range of herbal blends and handmade soaps was developed using traditional botanical knowledge, a thriving garden and surrounding forests. Thurlby products contain no synthetic additives, no parabens, or lauryl sulphates.