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Versatile, and beautiful, use Selenite to keep your crystals clean, energized, and ready for any purpose.

Product Information

Selenite is a white, translucent stone that has a high vibration and can clear negative energy from any space or object. 9cm size Carved by hand


  • purify and recharge your crystals without the need for water, salt, or sunlight, which can damage some stones enhance the beauty and power of your crystals by creating a harmonious and elegant display Selenite emits a soothing and uplifting light that can improve your mood and atmosphere

Some of the ways to use selenite plaques are:

  • Place your crystals on the plaque and leave them overnight or for a few hours to cleanse and charge them Place the plaque on your desk, bedside table, or any other place where you want to create a positive and peaceful environment Use the plaque as a decorative item

Care Instructions

To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth

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